What to expect on Sunday

On Sundays we meet in the main College Chapel (Tallest building) on campus at Briercrest College. Within the building our services and classes are held in classrooms, the Edwards Chapel (Foyer) and the Hildebrand Chapel (Main Chapel). 

Family Service @ 9:30am, Edwards Chapel

We invite all families to come for a time of worship. Together we sing, dance, pray, learn and respond from God's word. There will be times of connection for parents  and space for kids to learn and have fun with one another. We currently meet in the foyer of the College Chapel  (Edwards Chapel).  Coffee will also be served. 

This takes place every Sunday except, Feb 20, Mar 20, Apr 17, May 22, June 19th, where we will meet at our "Together Sunday" services in the College Chapel (Hildebrand Chapel).

Main Service @ 10:30am, Hildebrand Chapel


We always aim to begin our services by reminding everyone gathered that, unlike many of the things we do in a week, we come together for worship in the name of Jesus.

Worship in song…

Whether it’s electric or acoustic, old songs or new, large team or small (and it might be any of these things!) we spend time in praise to God.

Worship in prayer…

We spend time in prayer in a variety of ways: sometimes led from the front and sometimes in small groups. At different times we focus more on worship, confession, or intercession as appropriate.

Worship in learning…

In some seasons we work through books of the Bible. At other times our messages will be more thematic or topical. Our goal is always that the faithful preaching of the Bible should reveal God’s truth to us and help us apply that to our lives.

Worship in response…

We conclude by responding to what God has revealed to us. This might mean singing together, or making space to pray with one another, or celebrating the Lord’s Supper together.


We typically disperse our worship service by reminding people of opportunities for service and community life together and then sending the congregation out in Jesus’ name to do his work wherever they find themselves in the week ahead.

Children's Ministries, Rooms 173, 139 and 180

During our 10:30 service, we currently have classes for children 1-3 (Room 173) and children 4-6 (Room 139) in our College Chapel. (We operate our children’s programming in accord with Plan To Protect® policies). We also provide a Self-Serve Nursery (Room 180) for parents with infants. For older children, there are activity pages available at our Children's Resource Table in our Foyer (Edwards Chapel) for when they are sitting in the service. We also have livestream of the service in the Foyer, with tables setup for families who need the space. 

"Together Sunday" Service

Once a Month we have a "Together Sunday", where we gather altogether during the 10:30am service. 
Upcoming Together Sundays: Feb 20, Mar 20, Apr 17, May 22, June 19

Adult Sunday School @ 9:15am, Room 139

We are blessed to have College professors who love to serve and offer Sunday School classes for adults. Adult Sunday School will return in the fall.


Meets 6:30pm at the Golden Age Centre. Click Here for more information.