Despite having grown up in what she likes to call a “legacy ministry family,” Heather never considered pastoral ministry until she was asked to join the staff of The Gathering in 2014. Though she had been invited into various leadership roles in this community since moving to Caronport in 2014 to start studying at Briercrest Seminary, becoming a part of the pastoral staff at the Gathering was a turning point in Heather’s life. It marked the beginning of a journey in which God continues to reveal to Heather a deep love and zeal for his church that he had been fostering in her since she was a child, manifested most clearly in Heather’s love for shaping the worship practices of God’s people for spiritual growth.

As the Associate Pastor at The Church in Caronport, Heather gives shape to most of the worship of the church – on Sundays and the days in between – through teaching and equipping, providing pastoral care, and identifying and mentoring leaders. Outside of work, you will typically find Heather reading (at least until she finishes her doctoral thesis), connecting with family across the country, relaxing with friends over board games and puzzles, and getting outside as much as the Caronport climate allows.